Wednesday, March 24:

Acid Gas Scrubber for Multi-Pollutant Reduction, Nicholas Confuorto, Belco Technologies Corp.

Multi-pollutant Emission Reduction Technology for Small Utility Boilers, Jamie Fessenden, Nalco Mobotec

Advanced Gas Liquid Contactor Technology for Multi-Pollutant Control Systems, Suzanne Kladder, Neumann Systems

Dry Sorbent Injection of Sodium Sorbents, Mike Atwell, Solvay Chemicals

Activated Carbon Injection for Mercury Control on Industrial Coal-Fired Boilers, Richard Miller, ADA Environmental Solutions

Costs of Emission Control Technologies, Jim Staudt, Andover Technology Partners

WESP Control of Fine PM including Condensables, James Reynolds, Siemens Environmental & Energy Systems

NOx Reduction in a Capital Constrained World, John Boyle, Fuel Tech

ICAC Overview of the Status of GHG Control Technologies, Doug Austin, ICAC


Thursday, March 25:

Synthetic Fuel Substitutes for Thermal Oxidizers, Jim Stone, Durr Energy & Environmental Systems

Efficiency Options for Thermal & Catalytic Oxidizers, Kyle Momenee, Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc.

Oxidation Technologies for Stationary Rich and Lean Burn Engines, Bill Hizny, BASF

Diesel Particulate Control Technology, Rich Rosowski, Johnson Matthey

Particulate Controls for Industrial Applications, David Sloat & Paul Farber, Sargent & Lundy

Controlling Particulate Emissions from Coke Oven Plants, Dennis Lippman, Udhe Corporation

Energy Efficiency Improvements: Supply Side Optimization Translates into Reduction in CO2e, Vince Albanese, Fuel Tech, Inc.

Predictive Emissions Monitoring System (PEMS), Richard Hovan, Rockwell Automation

Implementation of NH3 Measurement on Post Combustion NOx Reduction Systems, Ken Greaves, Cemtek

Advances in NOx Testing with Portable Analyzers (e.g. stationary engines & other industrial applications), Craig McKim, Testo

Continuous Mercury Emissions Monitoring Feasibility and Costs, Karl Wilber, PE, Tekran Instruments Corporation

Greenhouse Gas Measurement Technologies, Michael Corvese, Thermo Fisher Scientific