Region 5 State, Local and Tribal Contacts Meeting 2011 Agenda

77 West Jackson Blvd, Chicago- 12th floor Conference Center- Illinois Room
We are not allowed to bring food into our new conference center, but there will be refreshments in the Lake Erie Room.  We will serve (Boni Vino’s) pizza and salad in the Lake Erie Room (11:30 am-12:55 pm) before the start of Wednesday’s session so please come.

March 30: Monitoring

1:00 Opening – Cheryl Newton
1:20 Grants – Diane Nelson, Richard Cox
1:50 Lead – Motria Caudill
2:05 Implementation of 2008 Pb NAAQS – States report out on the highlights of establishing a new network in 2010, investigating nonattainment areas (Chicago, Cleveland, and Belding in particular), and your progress on addressing the second round of Pb sources.
2:50 Taft NCore SO2 Challenges – Anna Kelly, Christina Boss
3:05 Exceptional Events and the Process –Marta Fuoco
3:20 QA Audit Levels – Scott Hamilton
3:35 Update on RadNet and its Role in the Japanese Emergency – Jack Barnette
3:45 R5's H2S Monitoring Response to the Gulf BP Spill – Marta Fuoco
4:00 End

March 31: Special Projects and Other Programs

8:00 Near-Road NO2 - Nealson Watkins
9:00 Near-Road NO2 Site - MaryAnn Heindorf
9:30 Break
9:45 Operating Practices for MetONE BAM 1020 FEM –Jesse McGrath

10:00 Comparison of Current FRM and FEM Instrumentation – Mary Ann Heindorf and Anna Kelley

10:30 States report out on comparability of continuous PM2.5 Monitor and FRM.
11:00 NCore – States/local programs report out on the implementation of the NCore program, whether there are continuing problems and if any minimum detection limits test has succeeded.
11:45 Lunch
12:45 Air Toxics Program Update – Motria Caudill
1:05 Cicero RARE Study – Chad McEvoy
1:20 Semi-Continuous Metals Monitoring – Motria Caudill
1:35 H2S/CH4 Cavity Ring Down Spectrometer – Marta Fuoco
2:00 End