National Ambient Air Quality Standards, Fall 2010 Update, Erika Sasser and Scott Mathias, OAQPS

Update on LADCO Activities, Michael Koerber, LADCO

State Reports: Redesignation, Rules and SIPs

  • Illinois EPA
  • Indiana DEM, Scott Deloney
  • Michigan DNRE, Vinson Hellwig
  • Ohio EPA, Robert Hodanbosi
  • Wisconsin DNR, John Melby
  • Air Quality Concerns - An MPO Perspective, Joan Weidner, Southeast Michigan Council of Governments

    MOG Attainment Modeling - Implications for Proposed Transport Rule, David M. Flannery, Jackson Kelly PPLC (Midwest Ozone Group)

    A Brief Summary of Alpine Geophysics/ENVIRON NOx Emissions Data for Eastern and Central RPOs; Implications for Future Ozone Control Strategies, Eugene M. Trisko, Attorney at Law (Consultant to ACCCE)

    New Federal Air Monitoring Requirements, Michael Compher, USEPA, Region 5

    A State's Perspective on Current Air Monitoring Issues, Bart Sponseller, Wisconsin DNR

    Regional Network Assessment for the Upper Midwest, Michael Koerber, LADCO