On March 20 LADCO issued an RFP to identify and evaluate nitrogen oxides (NOx) and volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions reduction potential for anthropogenic sources in the LADCO region. The objective of this project is to identify and evaluate candidate emissions controls for reducing NOx and VOC emissions in the LADCO region. The results of the project should be a priority list of potential emissions reduction options, in terms of costs/ton and total NOx or VOC emissions mass, for all anthropogenic sources of NOx and VOC in the 2016v1 U.S. emission inventory (or newer inventory as specified by LADCO).


LADCO is seeking contractor support on a series of three technical tasks to inventory the current emissions control programs in the region, to evaluate feasible potential NOx and VOC emissions control options, and to identify emissions control options that may be missed by only looking at sources in the National Emissions Inventory.


Proposals are due to LADCO on April 17, 2020.


See the LADCO RFPs page for details on this project.

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Zac Adelman
Zac is LADCO's Executive Director. He's an environmental scientist with 20+ years experience in emissions and air quality modeling.

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