The Lake Michigan Air Directors Consortium (LADCO) is seeking qualifications for instructional services to deliver high quality training to state, tribal, and local air pollution management agency staff. Subject matter experts (SMEs) with methodological expertise, practical experience, and teaching skills are needed to develop, update, or deliver training courses for the National Air Pollution Training Program. This request is not a solicitation for services. Responses to this request for qualifications (RFQ) will be used by LADCO to procure instructors, as needed, for future training events.

LADCO is seeking SMEs for specific courses based on a training needs assessment conducted with our member states in Fall 2021, and based on historical records of course demand from the last ten years. LADCO may subsequently procure the services from respondents to this RFQ to develop and/or teach the courses as they are needed by our member states. LADCO may share the RFQ responses with other Multi-Jurisdictional Organizations, and with the Joint Training Committee to update the catalog of qualified and available instructors for courses that are in demand by state/local air agencies across the country.

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Responses requested by April 15, 2022

About Author

Zac Adelman
Zac is LADCO's Executive Director. He's an environmental scientist with 20+ years experience in emissions and air quality modeling.