LADCO Policies and Procedures

LADCO is chartered and governed by the policies and procedures established by our board. We will periodically update these documents with either changes to rules that are pertinent to government-funded nonprofit organizations, or with updates to internal LADCO policies.

LADCO Policy Manuals

LADCO Travel Manual

LADCO Property Manual

LADCO Procurement Manual

LADCO Personnel Manual

LADCO Financial Manual

LADCO Organizational Documents

LADCO Articles of Incorporation

LADCO Resolution Bylaws

LADCO Org Chart


LADCO Employee Benefit Information

2023 HRA With CrossTech Enrollment Kit
2023 FSA With CrossTech Enrollment Kit
2023 Commuter Account Enrollment Kit

Pre-Travel Request

LADCO Travel Request Form

Expense Reports

LADCO Travel Expense Report
LADCO Non-Travel Expense Report