LADCO works with our member states to maintain a regional air quality monitoring network.

Deploying and operating devices that measure air pollution are fundamental activities in the  protection of public and ecological health.



Isle Royale, MI IMPROVE monitoring site.

The surface monitoring networks in the region collect the following information:

  • Meteorology:  temperature, winds, humidity and incoming solar radiation
  • Criteria Pollutants: CO, NO2, O3, SO2, total volatile organic compounds (VOC), total fine particles (PM2.5), PM10, NH3
  • Speciated PM2.5: SO4, NO3, NH4, elemental and organic carbon, dust
  • Speciated VOCs
  • Mercury: wet deposition and litter fall
  • Wet and dry deposition of gaseous pollutants
  • Visibility impairment in Class I areas




Contact the LADCO Data Scientist for more information about monitoring air quality at LADCO.