Interactive and pre-configured graphics of LADCO modeling results

Meteorology, emissions, and air quality modeling studies are a primary component of our work.  This page is a portal to accessing the results from LADCO modeling and data analysis projects.


Click on the project name below to view graphical atmospheric modeling analysis products for the project.

LADCO 2015 O3 NAAQS Transport ModelingAugust 2018LADCO 2011 and 2023 CAMx modeling in support of 2015 O3 NAAQS "Good Neighbor" SIPs
LMOS 2017OngoingLake Michigan Ozone Study CMAQ results for May 12 - June 23, 2017.
LADCO 2016 WRFOngoing2016 WRF modeling study with WI DNR to develop meteorology data for a 2016 air quality modeling platform
LADCO 2016 Met, Emissions, and Air Quality ModelingOngoingLADCO 2016 WRF, emissions, and air quality modeling results.
LADCO 2nd Haze Planning Period ModelingOngoing2011 and 2016-based 2028 emissions and air quality modeling for round 2 regional haze planning
2016 Emissions CollaborativeOngoing2016-based emissions inventory and modeling results
U.S. EPA 2016 ModelingOngoingU.S. EPA CMAQ and CAMx model performance evaluation collaborative.
LADCO O3 ModelingOngoing2016-based O3 modeling results for nested domains