(Credit: Josue Goge)

LADCO Regional Air Quality Meeting – Spring 2019

April 15, 2019
Rosemont, IL

Meeting Objectives: The meeting will bring together air quality stakeholders to learn about recent research and planning activities by LADCO, the LADCO member states, and EPA. The objectives of the meeting include:

  • To facilitate collaborations between state/local/tribal air programs, EPA, federal land managers, and stakeholders on regional air quality issues
  • To hear about recent federal and state air quality technical analyses and regulatory activities
  • For LADCO to present results from regional air quality technical analyses


Possible Agenda Items

We are considering the following items as areas for discussion.  Please reach out to us if you have other ideas about topics or formats that you would like to see covered at this meeting.

  • EPA Region 5 presentation on recent and planned regulatory actions
  • EPA Headquarters update on air research and policy at EPA
  • LADCO presentations on recent technical analyses for O3, PM2.5, and haze; including exceptional events, transport modeling, reasonable progress for the Regional Haze Rule, meteorology modeling, air monitoring, and emissions
  • Lake Michigan Ozone Study progress and insights
  • LADCO states round table on regional issues and intra-region cooperation on air quality issues
  • LADCO/states Regional Haze Rule 4-factor analysis and area of influence work; consultation process
  • Stakeholder forum on regional air quality interests


Save the date!  Check back in late 2018 for information on meeting space and lodging logistics.

Please contact the LADCO Office Manager with interest and questions about this meeting.