LADCO Regional Haze TSD – Second Implementation Period

LADCO prepared this Technical Support Document to support the development of regional haze state implementation plans (SIPs) for the second haze implementation period. The approaches documented here include emissions inventory processing; chemical transport modeling and evaluation; analysis of ambient monitoring data for haze species; and the calculation of reasonable progress metrics for comparison to regional haze goals. LADCO presents the modeling and analysis results for two base years (2011 and 2016), both projected to 2028, in order to provide robust assessment of expected future year air quality.

TSD Documents

LADCO Draft Regional Haze TSD (January 27, 2021; Word Doc)

Supplemental Materials (January 27, 2021; Word Doc)

Response to Comments (Google Doc)

Electronic Docket

Q/D Materials

LADCO Q/d Memo (October 14, 2020; PDF)

Q/d spreadsheet (XLS)

Process level report of Q/D sources (XLS)

Summary of county and sector emissions for 2016 (XLS)

Summary of county and sector emissions for 2028 (XLS)

Background data and computer code used to generate summaries (zip file)

CAMx Modeling Results

2011-based 2028 glidepaths and PSAT tracer contributions (XLS)

2011 PSAT nitrate and sulfate tracer footprint plots (Website)

2016-based 2028 glidepaths (XLS)

2011 CAMx MPE plots (Website)

2016 CAMx MPE plots (Website)

Emissions Modeling Results

2011 and 2028 emissions tile plots (Website)

2016 and 2028 emissions tile plots (Website)

2016 Emissions Collaborative inventory summary plots for the LADCO region (Website)

Other Materials

Determining Areas of Influence – CenSARA Round 2 Regional Haze report by Ramboll (PDF)

CenSARA server with additional trajectory plots