Evaluating Ozone Precursor Emissions Reductions in the Great Lakes Region 

The objective of this project was to identify and evaluate candidate emissions controls for reducing NOx and VOC emissions in the LADCO region. Under contract to LADCO, Ramboll, Inc. identified NOx and VOC emissions control measures that are feasibly applicable to sources in the LADCO region. Ramboll evaluated the measures on the basis of emissions mass reduction and cost effectiveness. They investigated all inventory sectors, with particular attention paid to under-controlled sources of NOx and VOC. 

The project resulted in a priority list of potential emissions reduction options, in terms of costs/ton and total NOx or VOC emissions mass, for all anthropogenic sources of NOx and VOC in the 2016v1 U.S. emission inventory.

The following table links to the project deliverables.

Final Workplan (PDF)6/19/20
1Inventory of existing NOx and VOC emissions regulations in the LADCO region (XLSX)9/30/20
2Table of potential new control measures by LADCO member state (XLSX)9/30/20
2Table of potential new control measures by LADCO region nonattainment area (XLSX)9/30/20
1&2Ozone control summary presentation (PDF)8/3/20
2Project Phase I Final Report (PDF)9/30/20
3Task Report: Identifying NOx and VOC Emission Control Options for Non-NEI Sources in the LADCO Region9/30/20

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