LADCO is frequently contacted by product representatives in the solvents and surface coatings industries with inquiries about LADCO VOC limits or VOC rules. As LADCO is not a regulatory agency, the concept of a LADCO rule is a misnomer. These requests often originate from corporate websites (e.g., PPG Paints) that catalog federal/regional/state rules related to the VOC content of commercial and consumer products.

Back in 2005-2006 during the first Regional Haze implementation period, on behalf our member states, LADCO contracted projects to review candidate emissions control measures for particulate matter (PM) and PM precursors, including VOC and SO2. The white papers and reports from these projects are available on the Reports -> Policy Support section of the LADCO website. Some of these rules were adopted by some of the LADCO states at the time. The Phase II Final Report in this archive is linked to on several industry websites in reference to LADCO VOC limits.

A list of state contacts to whom inquires about current state VOC limits should be directed are provided on the LADCO Policy Support page. If you have questions about VOC rules for a particular solvent or chemical, use those contacts to directly contact the state agency.

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Zac is LADCO's Executive Director. He's an environmental scientist with 20+ years experience in emissions and air quality modeling.