Introduction to Air Quality Planning (SIP 101)

This course is designed to introduce new air program staff to the big picture of air quality management and planning. Targeted at all work areas in an air agency, this course will provide context for where each area fits into the overall SIP and air quality management process.

Course objectives

This course will introduce students to State Implementation Plans (SIPs), the SIP processes, present the timelines for developing SIPs, and show how the different components of an air agency fit into the overall SIP process. The course will provide the regulatory background on SIPs and give attendees an understanding of the different types and structures of SIPs. The attendees will come out of this course with an understanding of how SIPs are used in the context of air quality management.


A classroom delivery is used to present the materials for this course. SIP 101 is an intensive 2 day classroom course taught by experienced MJO, state, and EPA air agency staff. The classroom course will introduce attendees to the terminology and major topic areas of air quality management and SIPs.


September 2023: US EPA Region 5 Offices, Chicago, IL

May 2019: US EPA Region 5 Offices, Chicago, IL

May 2016: MI EGLE Offices, Lansing, MI